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Showcase Glass


Generally speaking,tempered glass is usually adopted in the showcase production.Because of its high level hardness and the excellent heat resistance property,tempered glass becomes the best choice for showcase production.But showcases need good maintenance to avoid safety issues and keep the displaying function.

What are good maintenance for showcase?Please kindly refer the following tips:

A.Do not wipe showcase with hard objects to avoid scratches left on glass surface.Otherwise,showcases will lose its attraction and affect the display function.

B.The showcase is usually wiped with cloth for cleaning purpose,if not working,special glass cleaner could be used.

C.Do not move showcases frequently in case of hurting people and scratches left.

D.Do not hit showcases at the four corners,which could be easily broken even for tempered glass.

E.Frequently wipe newly-made showcase is highly recommended.It makes showcases more shiny and brighter especially for those showcases with glass top.

F.More attention should be paid for aluminum-made showcases.Cause the coat of aluminum could be scratched easily.



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